Proven Leader of Contra Costa County

County Supervisor Candace Andersen has spent the last 27 years serving the community and in public office. She was first elected to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors in 2012, ran unopposed in 2016, and is running again in 2020.

Supervisor Andersen is often asked “What’s next? Will she seek higher office?” Her consistent reply is that she has no plans to run for another position. She loves her work and believes that she can continue to make the biggest difference right here in Contra Costa County. Candace has also expressed her disdain and disappointment with the partisan bickering and politicking currently taking place in Sacramento and in Washington DC. The Board of Supervisors is “non-partisan,” as it should be. The issues we face in our county are not “Republican” or “Democrat,” just problems that need to be solved.

Supervisor Andersen began her public service in 1991, serving on two Morgan Hill City Commissions and then its City Council. In 2003 she joined the Danville Town Council, serving for the next nine years, twice as Mayor. She is an attorney licensed to practice law in both California and Hawaii, and began her legal career as a criminal prosecutor in her hometown of Honolulu. Learn more about Supervisor Andersen.

How Candace is shaping our county

Supervisor Andersen has earned the respect and endorsement of every Mayor of the cities and towns she represents in District 2 of Contra Costa County. District 2 includes Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, San Ramon and Walnut Creek. She supports the city councils’ efforts and goals, and provides assistance whenever County issues arise. Together, city council members and she sit on boards and commissions to address traffic, transportation, transit, garbage and recycling, emergency preparedness and emergency services, regional communication, and regional planning.

In the unincorporated areas of District 2, which include Alamo, Canyon, Parkmead and Saranap, the Board of Supervisors acts much like the City Council for those communities. It makes the planning, land use, public safety and transportation decisions. Supervisor Andersen listens to and works with each community to identify its priorities and ensure that it is getting the help it needs.

Many of the services residents of Contra Costa County depend upon are provided by the County. The county has a $3.5 billion annual budget and close to 10,000 County employees who make decisions that impact you and your family every day. As a County Supervisor, Candace leads and sets policies to make sure that the right decisions are made so that your tax dollars are used responsibly to maximize your quality of life. Learn more about what a County Supervisor does.


Exercising Fiscal Responsibility

Exercising Fiscal Responsibilitiy.jpg

As a County Supervisor, Danville’s former Mayor and a council member in two cities, Supervisor Andersen has demonstrated her consistent fiscal responsibility.

Keeping our
Community Safe

Keeping our community safe.jpg

Supervisor Andersen has worked diligently to implement policies, pass ordinances, and approve funding to ensure that our community remains safe.

Protecting our
quality of life

Protecting our quality of life.jpg

Supervisor Andersen is an advocate for local control over land use decisions. While we need more housing, we also need to protect hillsides and open space.


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