Maintaining a Balanced Budget Supervisor Andersen continues to demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Contra Costa maintains a structurally balanced budget and a AAA bond rating.

Rejecting Two Large Raises In 2014 Supervisor rejected a 33% pay raise approved by the rest of the Board of Supervisors. She not only voted “no,” but waived this exorbitant pay raise, agreeing to take a modest increase commensurate with what employees were receiving in the 2-3% range. After public outrage over the exorbitant raise, it was rescinded and a Citizen’s Committee formed to make salary adjustment recommendations.

In April 2019 she again rejected a large pay increase for the Board of Supervisors. While this one was recommended by another Citizen’s Committee, Supervisor Andersen again felt that it was too large of a pay increase.

Responsible Pensions As a Board Member of the Contra Costa County Employee’s Retirement Association (CCCERA) she has made decisions to ensure that CCCERA is appropriately funded and pension abuses are stopped. When she joined the Board of Supervisors in 2012 CCCERA was only 68% funded. Today it is 89% funded.