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Ensuring Strong Fiscal Responsibility

Maintaining a Balanced Budget

Supervisor Andersen continues ensure that our County is run in a fiscally sound manner. Contra Costa maintains a structurally balanced budget and a AAA bond rating. It keeps a healthy reserve so that if we enter into another economic decline, we will be prepared to weather it. To see Contra Costa’s most recent budget, click here.

RejectED Two Substantial PAY Raises

In 2014 Supervisor Andersen rejected a 33% pay raise approved by the rest of the Board of Supervisors. After public outrage over the exorbitant raise, it was rescinded and a Citizen’s Committee formed to make salary adjustment recommendations. A much more modest raise, over a three year period was ultimately agreed upon.

In March 2019 Supervisor Andersen again voted against a 15% pay raise for the Board of Supervisors which is also tied to the salary of Superior Court Judges. She rejected the pay raise, executing a waiver for all but a 4% raise, the same raise given to most County employees.

Responsible Pensions

As a Board Member of the Contra Costa County Employee’s Retirement Association (CCCERA) she has made decisions to ensure that CCCERA is appropriately funded and pension abuses are stopped. When she joined the Board of Supervisors in 2012 CCCERA was only 68% funded. Today it is 89% funded.

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Keeping our Communities Safe

Providing Law Enforcement with the Tools They Need

Ensuring the safety of our communities is paramount. Providing law enforcement with the tools and funding they need to keep our cities and unincorporated communities safe is critical.

As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Honolulu, Supervisor Andersen believes that the County must continue to provide the resources needed so that criminals will be prosecuted and victims protected.

Addressing Racial Disparities

Supervisor Andersen also recognizes that racial disparities exist in our Contra Costa County justice system. There are a disproportionate number of people of color prosecuted and incarcerated, and far fewer sitting on our juries. She strongly supported the formation of the County’s Racial Justice Task Force and the implementation of its recommendations. More information about the task force and its recommendations can be found here.

Preventing Gun Violence

Our children should not go to school fearing for their lives. Supervisor Andersen facilitated a presentation about the Sandy Hook Promise to the Board of Supervisors and advocated for the Board’s passing of a resolution supporting it. She has encouraged school districts within the County to adopt its initiatives that encourage Mental Health & Wellness Programs to identify, intervene and help at-risk individuals. It also encourages gun safety practices to ensure that firearms are kept safe and secure.

Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment

Supervisor Andersen continues to be a staunch advocate of the County's Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence, recently renamed as the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse and a strong supporter of the creation of Family Justice Centers throughout the County. She is an active supporter of the County’s “No More” campaign, which is similar but started several years before the #MeToo movement.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services

As a Board Member of the Contra Costa Fire Protection District and working closely with the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District and Moraga Orinda Fire Protection District Supervisor Andersen is working to ensure that we have the appropriate fire and emergency medical response needed in each of our communities.

She advocated for the rebuilding of Fire Station 16 in Lafayette, year, which will be completed next providing additional fire and emergency medical coverage for District 2 and the entire County.


Supervisor Andersen introduced the adoption of the Stepping up Initiative in Contra Costa County. County departments are working together to provide the mentally ill with the medical and psychiatric help needed to help reduce them from repeatedly being arrested and incarcerated for committing minor crimes.

Supervisor Andersen also led the implementation of Laura’s Law, or Assisted Outpatient Treatment in Contra Costa County, helping the severely mentally ill who reject the mental health treatment they need.

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Protecting our Quality of Life

Balancing the Need for More Housing

We need more housing of all types to support the many jobs that have been created over the past 6 years. It is estimated that for every 7-10 new jobs, we have only created one unit of new housing. That is why housing and rental costs continue to rise.

Housing Must be Built in the Right Places

While we need more housing, the key is to build it where its appropriate. The County’s voter approved Urban Limit Line (ULL) should be adhered to. Protecting scenic ridge lines and open space is something Supervisor Andersen has done as a County Supervisor, Mayor, and Councilmember.

While there is an effort to build more housing close to transit, we also need to recognize that we should be creating more jobs close to existing housing, especially where it is more affordable.

Supporting Local Control Over Land Use Decisions

It is also critical that we support the local control of each of our City Council’s in Contra Costa County. They are directly elected by the citizens of their communities and should have control over all land use decisions within their city boundaries.

Helping the Homeless in Our County

County government is the “safety net” for the needy living among us. Contra Costa continues to implement innovative programs to help our homeless population get the shelter they need and to be engaged in services that will lead to long term success and being permanently housed.

More information about Contra Costa County’s many services and programs can be found here.


Keep cars on the freeway moving, and not spilling on to our local roads. We need to continue to prioritize those projects that will reduce congestion on our freeways. As we continue to improve the convenience of our Contra Costa transit systems, including County Connection, we want more drivers to get out of their cars and rely upon public transportation or carpooling.

Improving our bicycle lanes and trails

We need to continue improving safety for bicyclists which is another important way to reduce traffic and congestion. Supervisor Andersen had been a leading advocate for creating a separate “bicycle expressway” on the Iron Horse Trail, a separate paved path just for cyclists. The feasibility of this is currently being studied.

As road improvements are made in our communities we need to focus on “complete streets” to ensure that the roadways are safe not just for drivers of cars, but for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Protecting the Environment

The Board of Supervisors adopted a Climate Action Plan which provides a blue print of best practices to be used to ensure that we are good stewards of our resources and are doing our part to protect the environment.

In 2017 we also appointed a Sustainability Commission. Their role is to advise the Board of Supervisors on how to efficiently and effectively implement the Climate Action Plan, on how to ensure fairness in sustainability across the County, and to provide suggestions of how to better engage residents and business as we implement this plan.